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MIGFX provides a personal and professional service to help sophisticated investors deal with the profound changes occurring within the savings and investment arena. With the economic and political environment becoming increasingly vulnerable, investors need a greater understanding of risk and the potential returns of investments.

 We know that responsible investing has become the key issue for many investors, and we enter the 21st century faced with a huge number of global challenges. As a result, a growing number of investors want their investments to make a positive and substantial contribution to their bottom line.  The backbone of our success is a unique trading approach, combined with excellence in customer service and strict risk management controls.

 As we are solely a trading service, we do not hold our clients funds and all accounts are held with established and reputable brokerage houses. As such, liquidity and transparency are secured. We realise that the customer is the most valuable asset we have as a business and this approach proves that we mean what we say.

"We put our future and trust in the hands of our clients"


Fully Regulated Counterparties - 100% Transparent Trading - Confidentiality and Discretion







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